Creating a Billing Alarm in AWS

This short article will demonstrate how to create a billing alarm in Amazon Web Services (AWS) using the Web console. We will configure an alarm where our AWS account goes over USD 10, it will automatically send you an email informing you that you have reached the amount that you have specified. By doing this, you’ll be sure you’re not going to spend more than the amount or money you have planned to use, especially if you are using the AWS free tier to get your hands dirty in your AWS learning journey. Let’s go!

1. Checking The Actual Consumption

First, let’s check have we spent so far in our AWS account.

Log in to your AWS account. On the top right of the AWS console, click on your account name, then go to My Billing Dashboard


Because it is a new account and no resource is created and running yet, we haven’t spent that much, and we need to keep this under control.


2. Creating the AWS Billing Alarm

This is basically in 3 simple steps:

2.1 Enable the Receive Billing Alerts to make this option available for our AWS account

2.2 Manage the Billing Alerts. This is where you will create your alarm

2.1 Enable the Receive Billing Alerts option

Scroll down at the bottom of the page, under Alerts & Notifications and click on Enable Now. This will monitor your estimated charged and will automatically you when you reach a threshold that you define


Check Receive Billing Alerts and confirm bi clicking on Save preferences


Note: Bear in mind that once this option is enabled, it cannot be disabled

2.2 Manage the Billing Alerts

Once we enable this option, you’ll need to go to manage your Billing Alerts and create one. To do so, click on Manage Billing Alerts.AWS-CreateBillingAlarm

You’ll be redirected to CloudWatch section of the AWS console. This is where you do all your monitoring. Click on Billing


Click on Create Alarm


Type an amount for which you will receive an an email alert when your AWS resource consumption exceed it (In my case 10 USD), and provide an email where you want to receive the notifications. A valid email needs to be provided as you’ll be asked to check it by AWS.


Once you click on Create Alarm, you’ll be given 72 hours to confirm the email address provided. You’ll basically have to check your inbox with the subject “AWS Notification – Subscription Confirmation” and click on the provided link to confirm you really the email address provided.


The alarm state will show INSUFFICIENT_DATA and its Config Status will be on pending confirmation until you confirm your email.


Once your email is confirmed, your alarm will be active.


That’s it. Short and easy. Creating a Billing Alarm in AWS is something you would definitely configure if you want to keep control of your resources consumption, and make sure your AWS charges do not exceed the threshold that you set.






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